Designer furniture for Private Individuals

The combination of our design studio with the showroom, all fully integrated, allows us to help you choose pieces and objects, offering advice and products tailored to every space and need.

Throughout our 27-year history we have always been known for being able to offer the best designer furniture layout service and for working in all possible situations to carry out each project in the most effective manner possible.

Designer furniture for Professionals

As distributors of more than 70 companies and exclusive representatives of over 10 international brands, we have important interior designers around the world as our clients, offering them a personalised advice service.

Our industry experience allows us to collaborate in the best way possible with interior design professionals to achieving their design projects.

The first step would be to organise a meeting at your home or in our shop to discuss the proposal and identify the spaces or objects you feel identified with and what best suits your needs.

The second step would be preparing the preliminary plan. This will be the result of our dialogue to get your needs and our ideas to fit together for your space, and will include the budget for the project.

The preliminary plan will become the descriptive report, which lists the final works with plans, drawings and renders to capture the idea visually.

Comprehensive management

We are committed to comprehensive management. We will follow up suppliers, take care of the daily routine of the project, emergencies and fulfil all technical and administrative requirements.

We can draw all types of plans in AutoCAD. You would need to send our designer the plan you are working on in PDF or AutoCAD format with your project’s measurements and instructions. The form at the end of this page directly sends your questions or requirements to our team. You will receive an answer in less than 3 days depending on the complexity of the project with customised solutions for your project.

Making renders

We can create a 3D drawing for your project. We have a specialist team for creating 3D renders. If you need help transforming an idea visually, ask our team for information. We can prepare a custom quote for you according to the characteristics of your project and strengthen your ideas visually.

Product advice

The furniture market is currently very broad. With over 25 years of industry experience, we can prepare a selection of personalised options for you according to your interests and needs. Our online catalogue is only a small sample of the endless proposals we can offer. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can work according to a particular style, brand, designer, time, emotion or interest.

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Customer service

Telephone: 934 15 12 12

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Customer service

Telephone: 934 15 12 12