Adda Sofa

The Adda sofa is characterized by an essential and contemporary aesthetic. It has a light structure and cushions with generous goose down padding, characterized by a profile that emphasizes soft and welcoming shapes. The Adda sofa rises from the floor on a metal base, upholstered in leather or fabric, while the feet are exposed in die-cast aluminum and reveal a friendly but decidedly contemporary style. The soft cushions of the armrests and backrest are inserted into the base by means of a simple and effective bayonet system. The cushions are furrowed by an original longitudinal seam that produces a slight undulation on the surface of the cover – which can be in fabric or leather – and which, in addition to highlighting the natural crease created by the act of leaning, gives the sofa a distinctive feature.






Height. 70 cm Width. 275 cm Depth. 100 cm



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