Arbiter Sofa

Arbiter is a modular seating system with extra-large measurements and oversized cushions, ideal for large spaces, that completes the brand’s range of sofas. The abundance of material is counterbalanced by the stylistic essentiality of the precise, almost archetypal lines, designed to lighten its impact in the home environment. The production technique is one typical of Maxalto: a steel frame and cold-foamed polyurethane structure. It comes in two depths (105 and 115 cm) in various configurations with or without a chaise-longue. There is also a version with Citterio’s beloved discontinuous backrest, which is designed to create seating that looks in the opposite direction, for example facing the bookcase behind the sofa. The range of materials introduces options with refined, distinctly woolly, and richly textured fabrics. The cushions present a surprising solution: in each pair, the small one sits behind the larger one, which thus becomes a kind of additional backrest that wraps around the sitter’s shoulders.






Height. 39 / 61 cm Width. 382 cm Depth. 158 cm



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