Mikado Side Chair

Serene yet with a commanding aura, the Mikado chair aims to impress not only by its form but also through its unparalleled comfort. The Mikado seating experience is defined by upholstery on all sides as well as the dynamic movement of the backrest. An ingeniously simple mechanism concealed beneath the seat allows the back to move with the sitter and comfortably recline at a slight angle. Mikado is available as an armchair or as a side chair. The sides of the rounded backrest do not extend as far forward on the Mikado Side Chair as on the armchair version. The covers of the Mikado chair are not glued and can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The legs may be replaced individually or exchanged for a different material option – wood or recycled aluminium. The inner seat panel is made of recycled aluminium while the core of the backrest shell is produced from recycled post-consumer polypropylene, which can be easily separated from the foam padding during recycling. The concept of a simple exchange of components gives Mikado long-term versatility, thereby ensuring longevity.






Height. 36 | 72,5 cm Width. 59 cm Depth. 56,5 cm



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