Whisky Chair

The Whisky Chair was designed by Finn Juhl in 1948 and is characterized by the designer’s artistic sense of shape, function, and detail. Finn Juhl played a groundbreaking role in the Danish Modern design movement as his sculptural furniture manifested Denmark’s position as a pioneering country within furniture design.

The exclusive chair was originally presented at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Exhibition in 1948, as part of Finn Juhl’s concept “The Living Room of an Art Collector”, but was not put into production. Finn Juhl always dared to stand alone and was unconcerned about the critics who found his designs too extravagant.

Upon purchase, customers will receive a unique mouth-blown glass crafted by glassmaker Mikkel Yerst. Finn Juhl’s original drawing does not depict the glass, meaning that the chair itself has served as the inspiration for the powerful shape of the specially designed glass.






Height. 95 cm Width. 79 cm Depth. 85 cm



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