Tribù is a Belgian company, world leader in designer garden furniture. In the early 1990s Tribù was one of the pioneers in conceiving the terrace and garden as an extension of the home. Today Tribù is an internationally renowned brand that designs and manufactures exclusive garden furniture of pure design, great comfort and superior quality. The wide range of Tribù outdoor furniture, together with parasols and terrace accessories, is characterised by a timeless design, a blend of contemporary elegance and distinctive purity. With refined finishes and discreet lines, Tribù outdoor furniture is a piece of quiet luxury, with a unique attention to detail, made of durable materials, available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics.

AMANUFrom 1.687,95 €
BRANCHFrom 675,18 €
FORUMFrom 1.325,00 €
KOSFrom 1.680,00 €
MOODFrom 2.752,75 €
MOODFrom 4,10 €
NATAL ALUFrom 3.665,00 €
NOMADFrom 1.131,35 €
PURE SOFA TEAKFrom 4.186,60 €
REGISTAFrom 1.694,00 €
ROOTFrom 1.590,00 €
TOALLEROFrom 653,40 €

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