Showroom of Design Furniture

en linea barcelona’s showroom is located right in the heart of the “Eixample” in Barcelona, in a Modernist – Noucentista building with an exhibition space of over 1,000 m2 where we showcase selected collections of national and international furniture. We combine these with pieces from different brands to create tailored spaces with distinctive ambiences.
Our purchasing criteria has remained intact since our inception: “we buy everything we would like to have in our house”. Our idea is very simple, we believe in original and practical design, ruling out knock-offs and surrogates.

We also have a project department, studio en linea barcelona, especially dedicated to create interior design projects for home, corporate offices and hospitality.

We consider that the “minimalist” style best suits our notion of space, promoting a functional, simple and reasonable design, using natural, noble and sustainable materials.

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