Aprile is a kitchen systems that enhances the value of using natural materials: treated wood finishes, stainless steel and stone in different thicknesses, that create new solutions for worktops and peninsular dining rooms. Doors and fronts are marked by a ledge at the top that perfectly matches the worktop, made with a specific shape, so that its profile looks like a line of a few millimeters. It is possible to choose between doors with a handle, without a handle or with a handle integrated in the door. Aprile is characterized by 3D-type doors, made with solid wood slats or veneered in various widths and thicknesses, to create a 3D effect with the handle, which is integrated into door. Doors are treated with natural oil. This kitchen is completed snack counters in solid wood with stainless steel legs; open face top mounted units; units mounted on the upper part with sliding doors and integrated lights. 19 mm thick containers, waterproof, in laminate. Drawers with Legrabox system. 23 mm thick doors and fronts, in finishes depending on catalogue. Each front, except AMX frame finishes, must be equipped with a handle of choice, , without or with a price increase. If you want to have base units with doors WITHOUT a handle, it is possible with the automatic opening under TIP-ON pressure, except for removable doors where it will be necessary to order the SERVO-DRIVE electric opening system separately Aluminum plinth, 80 mm high, and finished in stainless steel, varnished matt white or matt black varnished.






subject to design and finishes


Height subject to design and finishes Width s subject to design and finishes Depth subject to design and finishes



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