Modular system of bases and columns WITHOUT handle. The opening of the fronts is possible thanks to the upper and intermediate profiles in bases and to the vertical spacers, in columns. The TIP-ON system (automatic pressure opening) can also be used. for intermediate and lower drawer, thus eliminating the intermediate profile. For tall units, the Standard or Aprile Program is used. 19 mm thick containers, waterproof, in laminate. Drawers with Legrabox system. 23 mm thick doors and fronts, in finishes depending on catalog. Horizontal profiles and vertical spacers, made of aluminum and available in stainless steel, matt white varnished or matt black varnished. Aluminum plinth, 80 or 120 mm high, and finished in stainless steel, varnished matt white or matt black varnished.






subject to design and finishes


Height subject to design and finishes Width subject to design and finishes Depth subject to design and finishes



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